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Arc Experiential Sauna

The Arc Experiential Sauna is a next-generation health tool that delivers multi-modal therapy in one complete treatment. It combines 360º infrared heat, chromotherapy light, and 2.1 surround sound audio to provide deep nervous system resets for less stress, better sleep, and greater emotional resilience. Made from Hinoki cypress and linen, the sauna features a cushioned, fully adjustable lounge chair for maximum comfort, and is paired with a footrest that doubles as a guest seat.

The saunas dynamic mood lighting and surround sound create a rich, vibrational sound bath that recalibrates the nervous system and enhances cellular resonance. It also offers guided experiences in meditation, breathwork, and mindset training. The saunas 360° low-EMF paneling ensures safety and even diffusion of the heat. Overall, it is the ultimate at-home health tool for rest, rejuvenation, and resilience.

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The Sling Club Chair is a beautiful piece of furniture designed by the guys at BassamFellows. It has the ideal balance, blending a minimal geometrical form with organic premium materials, and mixing the cold industrial steel with natural warm leather and walnut wood. This perfect combination is assembled by highly competent craftsmanship, making this piece into something close to a work of art. Form and function are present, comfort and look also combine in a chair ...
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The stunning Wirra Willa Pavilion designed by Matthew Woodward Architecture is the perfect weekend retreat. Located in Somersby, NSW, Australia, on an 80-acre property, the tiny house is only 72 square meters (775 sq.ft) in size, and weightlessly cantilevers over the adjacent natural lily pond, creating a scene straight from a Monet painting, and giving guests the sensation of walking on water. Although small, there is still room for sleeping, a bathroom, kitchen an...
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