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Acacia Tent

The Acacia Tent is revolutionizing the world of glamping with its futuristic design and innovative features. This all-inclusive camping shelter combines the functionality of a tent, tarp, and air mattress, ensuring a comfortable and reliable camping experience.

Crafted with embedded fiber-glass poles, the waterproof tent offers screen windows, storage pockets, and even a port for connecting an air conditioning unit. Its canopy effectively blocks out water and harmful ultraviolet rays, while the inflatable floor, made of durable PVC, provides a seaworthy platform similar to inflatable kayaks. To enhance comfort, the floor is carpeted, adding a cozy touch to your camping retreat.

Setting up the Acacia is a breeze, thanks to its pop-up design reminiscent of ice fishing tents. Its fixed internal skeleton effortlessly pulls open and snaps into place. The six-inch thick inflatable floor, known as the "Air Floor," serves as both a bed and a sleeping pad, accommodating two to five people depending on the model. In warmer months, the tent self-ventilates through mesh windows, while in colder seasons, it insulates with the rainfly draped over the top.

What sets the Acacia Tent apart is its ability to float on water. With its inflatable floor, you can set it up in a pool, lake, or pond, enjoying a unique camping experience surrounded by water. It can even be set up on a beach, allowing the tide to carry you away. The foldable and waterproof floor inflates to a maximum of 10 psi and has a weight limit of 4,000 pounds. watch the video below

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