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The House In The Garden | By Cunningham Architects

The House in the Garden is a free-standing addition to an elegant modernist house on a adjointing lot. Located in Texas this modern two storey box features a south façade glazed in framless, insulated glass units incorporating two 8 foot wide sliding doors. There is a guest bedroom and painting studio upstairs, and downstairs the concrete floor and exterior deck provide a seamless transition from the living room to the garden. With its 5250 sq.ft the house also provides ample space for a large collection of art and automobiles.

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Taylor Stitch
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Huckberry Interior


Leaf House lets you set your own cabin any place in the great outdoors! The company based in Canada, specializes in making tiny portable houses that are built on trailer ranging from 16´ to 20´ in length, and made with reclaimed materials, natural finishes, and ecologically friendly building products. Each portable home is custom made to the exact specifications of the owner, features full amenities and is insulated for severe winter climates. The Leaf tiny houses t...
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Inspired by a treasured stone and wood home lost to fire decades earlier in the hills of Appalachia, this stunning stone dwelling and guest house are set on a gorgeous landscape in the San Juan Islands, Washington. Designed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, the new house pays homage to its natural setting, and features simple stone volumes that seem to expand upwards from the rocky terrain. A stone wall and plinth form the rear of the houses, while a wood pavilion rests atop ...
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Selectors DJ Cabinet | Image

Selectors DJ Cabinet

The Selectors DJ Cabinet is a classic design piece, correctly balancing form and function with exquisite looks. This elegant piece was designed for DJ’s who need a pleasant work station with competent organization and management system. Made from steel and a modular system of wooden cabinets that provide loads of storing spaces like drawers, small closets plus open spaces for quick easy access to the records of your choice. It was designed to withhold two turn plus ...
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