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That House

"That House" is an award wining project by Australia´s Austin Maynard Architects. Located in a neighborhood in Melbourne, the unique house is formed by three large glass-ended boxes that open out to an expansive garden, as well as a series of courtyards and terraces. When the family need more privacy, blinds can be used to cover the glazing. 

The connections between spaces are adaptable and loose, with the front garden extending into the home and creating a bridge between the kitchen and dining area. The ground floor of the house is divided up into a series of separate but visually connected living spaces. A large lounge and study are on one side, while the other side contains a dining room, kitchen and smaller lounge. At the Centre of the house, a beautiful perforated staircase leads up to three bedrooms on the upper floor, two of which open out to balcony terraces. 

The house also has its own solar-panels, high performance insulation, and a large water tank with rainwater to be used to flush toilets and water the garden. 

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OtterBox Venture Cooler | Image

OtterBox Venture Cooler

OtterBox have presented a rugged, truly customizable cooler - the Venture Cooler. The Colorado-based company are known as an outdoor brand that make dry boxes, and now have presented a line of burly coolers. Available in 25, 45, and 65 quart capacities, the coolers are rated to hold ice for up to two weeks! The robust cooler is also very functional, with separators to keep different compartments inside the cooler, nesting grooves and a rim that allow the access...
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Now this is a clever idea! Bakus is a table mat that lets you collect your best moments, a practical and emotive object. The Bakus Table Mat is a stainless steel tray that allows you to hook corks into place and create a hot plate. A useful and clever way to recycle your wine corks!...
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LUMIR C | Image


Lumir C is a candle powered LED lamp, it uses no plugs, no batteries, simply one tiny tea light candle. The innovative and beautifully designed lamp uses it a tea light candle as an energy source to power a LED bulb, clever. Shaped like a miniature lighthouse, Lumir C comes in two versions: Mood and Spot, the first can be used as ambient lighting, the second is designed to light up a spot on the room, which can be done by adjusting the direction of the LED. The magi...
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