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Skagen Klitgard Beach House

The beautiful Skagen Klitgaard Beach House is nestled at the tip of Denmark's coast and pays homage to the town's architectural legacy. Drawing inspiration from the historical use of burned shipwreck wood, the house boasts a distinctive black exterior and thatched roof. Inside, the design harmonizes communal living and private retreats. A central kitchen acts as the heart of the home, encouraging family gatherings, while serene corners offer solitude. Expansive windows connect the interior with the outdoors, enhancing the sense of openness. The muted palette and extensive use of sustainable Douglas fir contribute to a seamless connection with the green surroundings. Designed by Pax Architects, the Skagen Klitgaard Beach House captures the essence of Skagen's history and provides an ideal haven for familial togetherness.

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RC Surfer | Image

RC Surfer

Ok, so the the surf is a little disappointing with barely a foot of onshore breeze-blown and ruffled little waves weakly washing ashore. Do not despair! With the iconic RC Surfer from Kyosho, you´ll quickly forget the bad surfing conditions, with this fun and unique experience to add to your day at the beach. The RC Surfer 3 features an auto-recovery mechanism to make it unsinkable, and assists you in "righting" the board to get you back into the action quickly wit...
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You have to admire the excellent creative work of the Pirate bedroom by Steve Kuhl from  "Kuhl design Build". The bedroom fulfills every boys fantasy, it´s insanely cool. The client wanted to build a one-of-a-kind bedroom, he sure got one...The rope bridge is connected to the top of the jail cell, built to accommodate evil doers, thieves and little sisters....
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UMA Sound Lantern | Image

UMA Sound Lantern

The stylish UMA Sound Lantern combines a couple of elements that cause great impact on your mood and environment: light and sound. This multiple award winning lamp/speaker is more than the mere sum of its features. First of all it is beautiful just to look at, it will look good and upgrade aesthetics wherever you set it on, second: it’s also very well built so it oozes a quality feel, all of its parts fit tightly together seamlessly. The sound is really good, ther...
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