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Skagen Klitgard Beach House

The beautiful Skagen Klitgaard Beach House is nestled at the tip of Denmark's coast and pays homage to the town's architectural legacy. Drawing inspiration from the historical use of burned shipwreck wood, the house boasts a distinctive black exterior and thatched roof. Inside, the design harmonizes communal living and private retreats. A central kitchen acts as the heart of the home, encouraging family gatherings, while serene corners offer solitude. Expansive windows connect the interior with the outdoors, enhancing the sense of openness. The muted palette and extensive use of sustainable Douglas fir contribute to a seamless connection with the green surroundings. Designed by Pax Architects, the Skagen Klitgaard Beach House captures the essence of Skagen's history and provides an ideal haven for familial togetherness.

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Hot Wheels GoPro Mount | Image

Hot Wheels GoPro Mount

How cool is this? GoPro teamed up with Hot Wheels to bring you "Zoom In", a limited edition Hot Wheels car designed to fit your HERO/HERO5 Session! You can now capture absolutely epic POV footage recording close-ups of all your track tricks. Simply stop you action cam in the center of the toy, locked in place by a bar that grips the top, and capture crazy videos from the driverĀ“s seat of fast-flying toy car stunts looping through the track. watch the am...
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As property prices continue to skyrocket, the trend for micro apartments is growing. But living in a itty bitty teeny tiny space can be a challenge. Interior design firm A Little Design have transformed this small 189 square foot (17.6m2) apartment in Taipei, Taiwan, perfectly showing how to make the most of a tiny space, with the help of some smart space-saving strategies. The apartment utilizes all the tiny home tricks, built-in storage, double-duty furniture, lof...
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Mezmoglobe is a sleek hypnotic sphere that will bring your boring work desk to life. The nifty little Kinetic toy creates a mind-bending 360 degree optical illusion of a continuously flowing helix. The mesmerising desk toy is made out of a solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum, and when you spin it on its base, the object creates a "flowing" optical illusion, and appears to be cascading into your desk. The Mezmoglobe is available in a range of anodized color optio...
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