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Punta Casitas Cabin

Nestled amidst the rugged mountain ridges embracing Lake Tota at 3015 meters, Punta Casitas Cabin offers a unique retreat, seamlessly blending modernity with natural splendor. Designed as a sanctuary at the edge of semi-paramo vegetation, this cabin beckons those seeking a mystical connection to the environment.

Ascending a path, visitors encounter an intermediate level with a semi-covered space leading to a bathroom area. The journey unfolds through integrated social spaces, including a kitchen and dining area, culminating in a suspended terrace that blurs indoor and outdoor boundaries. The upper levels feature a tatami mat, a suspended desk, and a main room with expansive windows framing Lake Tota's panoramic beauty.

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Children will have enough time to be introduced to all the new technologies, in the meantime you might want to introduce them to the charming i-Wood! a chalkboard laptop designed to look like a real laptop. The educational "state-of-the-art" iWood has a space for the chalk replacing the trackpad and is purely eco-friendly. Plus, it will keep the little ones away from your brand new iPad... [scouted by Joao]...
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RZR Shaving

RZR Shaving is a new shaving system brought down to the minimal, and, as with all minimal objects, simple is obligatory, but getting it simple is the hardest. So lots of hard work, testing and thinking was involved in this razor. First of all the look: it looks beautiful, clean, no multiple colors and materials, straightforward metal and that´s it. The blades are made from high grade titanium, so they´ll last for quite a while and keep their cutting capacity much ...
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Stagg Pour-Over Kettle is a beautiful and functional kettle with all the right features. Designed by Fellow, Stagg combines a precision pour spout with a traditional weighted handle kettle and a brew-range thermometer for keeping track of temperature. It also sports a thoughtfully weighted handle to skew the center of mass closer to your hand, and a spout shaped precisely right such that the pour-over flow rate is optimal for proper extraction and temperature contro...
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