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LP House Formentera

Formentera is a small beautiful island in the Balearics, famous for its sea, its beaches of fine white sand and for having been the destination in the 1960s for many hippies who found unspoiled nature and an easy way of life. It is there that we find this magnificent retreat designed by Pierluigi Molteni. The LP House is located in a position of great charm, on a rocky ridge overlooking the sea. It consists of a series of patios that give privacy and shelter from the wind, to create a sort of small casbah where every single corner lives of particular visuals and atmospheres. The villa consists of two main buildings and other secondary ones, interconnected by open spaces. The old savina, a typical island tree, is the visual fulcrum of those who walk along the entrance patio. From here the path leads through a well-studied promenade to flow into the sea, opening into the covered portico covered with cane. The furnishings are all antique, reclaimed or vintage, except for the stainless steel kitchen, the only modernist and high-tech area. Great attention has also been paid to the light, the materials and colors, they are all linked to the islands themes.

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Huckberry Interior


So you live in a minimalist house, why not get one for your dog? South Korean brand Bad Marlon has designed a line of modern pet homes that would meet the specs of any architect., his goal is to create a "same-design-identity” environment where pets and people exist in harmony with one another. The minimalist collection features three dog houses, two of which are assembled magnetically, and one beautifully crafted interlocking pen. ...
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Sound Reactive LED Mask | Image

Sound Reactive LED Mask

A pretty cool campaign has just landed on Kickstarter, developed by Canadian brand Outline Montreal, the Sound Reactive LED Mask integrates art and technology into a very versatile device that mesmerizes anyone who sees it. The cool electro-luminescent mask is powered by phosphorus ink paired with a lithium modulator that converts the sound waves into programmed patterns creating pure organic light. This system can transcribe musical beats into light, reacting to th...
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Drake Tiny House | Image

Drake Tiny House

The tiny house trend is officially here to stay. Tiny houses are relatively easy to build and move from place to place, and many people are rejecting more spacious dwellings in favor of pared-down, efficient homes. The Drake tiny house, by Land Ark, sleeps up to 7 people and is sized like an RV to give you ultimate freedom of use. The flexible interior includes two loft bedrooms and another multipurpose room that can be used as an office space or a third bedroom. Th...
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