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Le Koroc Tiny House Boat

Le Koroc Tiny House Boat is a new concept, it simply takes the classic boat house and downsizes it to a cuter and more portable dimension, making it a tad more easy to carry with a medium size SUV, to the fishing spot of your choice so you’re not constricted to one place. In addition to this very useful feature we have to admit it looks great, the Canadian based Daigno company did put some care and attention to detail designing and building this thing. The interior is well thought and its small space is extremely well organized making the most of its area: you get a two burner stove and sink on the kitchen area along with a fridge and cabinets, a four place table that turns into the bed - RV style. On the outer area you may choose the layout that best suits your needs, a fishing friendly area or a simpler one with more open space. It’s all made in environmentally friendly wood or plywood, as is electrical power, provided by two solar panels located on the roof. The tiny boat house is supported by three aluminum floaters powered by a modern Honda VTEC engine.

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A fun product for the kids but also for a super efficient way to clean up fall leaves, grass clippings and other lawn debris. Gathering leaves is time-consuming and messy, just slip the super-sized plastic bear claw scoops over your hands and and use just as you would your hands....
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60 HOUR CANDLE | Image


This is a ingenious creation, the 60 hour candle is 100% beeswax candle coil, it is very easy to use and lasts hours upon hours. Just feed small increments through the candle clip, simply advance more candle as it burns. Each three inches of candle wax will burn approximately one hour....
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Windcatcher Air Pad 2 is a new inflatable mattress that features a really awesome inflating system that will blow your mind away, its especially developed inflating valve allows you to use your whole breath power. Unlike conventional constrictive systems where you can only get a few gulfs of air at a time with great effort, Windcatcher amplifies your whole breath (ten times), keeping it inside, thus allowing you to inflate with just a few breaths, with almost no eff...
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