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Le Koroc Tiny House Boat

Le Koroc Tiny House Boat is a new concept, it simply takes the classic boat house and downsizes it to a cuter and more portable dimension, making it a tad more easy to carry with a medium size SUV, to the fishing spot of your choice so youíre not constricted to one place. In addition to this very useful feature we have to admit it looks great, the Canadian based Daigno company did put some care and attention to detail designing and building this thing. The interior is well thought and its small space is extremely well organized making the most of its area: you get a two burner stove and sink on the kitchen area along with a fridge and cabinets, a four place table that turns into the bed - RV style. On the outer area you may choose the layout that best suits your needs, a fishing friendly area or a simpler one with more open space. Itís all made in environmentally friendly wood or plywood, as is electrical power, provided by two solar panels located on the roof. The tiny boat house is supported by three aluminum floaters powered by a modern Honda VTEC engine.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Kodama Zomes are suspending pods that may swing providing a therapeutic pendulum effect enhancing relaxation and soothing your body and soul, with proven calming medical effects. Made from marine grade stainless steel and covered by outdoor grade polyester, these giant structures are a great combo of art and engineering, designed and developed by a structural engineer. You can make them a love seat, a sofa or even a bed, choose from different colors and pillow combi...
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Simple Shower is one very ingenious solution, a contraption that attaches to just about any one or two liter bottle to convert them into a portable camping shower! Simply fill a bottle with water and leave it in the sun to heat up, and attach the Simple Shower for a quick and easy shower. It features an air tube that lets the water flow freely and a removable cap for refilling mid-wash. And at only 2 ounces, it wont weigh down your pack. This gives you no excuses fo...
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The Kronos Lift Desk is an electronically adjustable sit/stand desk that features a unique mezzanine shelf to help keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. The beautifully designed desk features ultra smooth work surfaces, accented with natural walnut veneers. It also includes a digital keypad that can be installed on the left or right of the desk and can be programmed with four user-defined settings ideal for a shared work space. Other details include a flip...
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