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Finca Aguy Retreat

Designed by MAPA Architects, this 115-square-metre prefabricated house is nestled into a picturesque Uruguayan olive grove surrounded by rolling hills. The minimal retreat has minimal impact on the landscape, it sits over a series of stone walls, and consists of two 12.5-metre (41-foot) long modules. The exterior and the interior are lined in timber, while Garapa wood covers the floor, and Canadian pinewood lines the walls and ceiling. An open-plan living, dining, and kitchen space is placed at the heart of the home and flanked by two matching en-suite bedrooms. A sheltered balcony terrace spans the width of the building and offers stunning views of the unique Uruguayan landscape. It is equipped with off-grid technologies including solar panels and an on-site waste treatment system. The prefabricated home was built in a factory near the Uruguayan capital and was then transported 200 km to its final destination. It can be removed with minimal impact if needed, and operates completely off the grid.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


1525 Blue Jay is a project with no equal in Southern California, Blue Jay Way is a famous street with a fabulous location. The amazing property features a indoor/outdoor pool/jacuzzi on the view side of the home, a large garage driveway with 3 garage spaces, window heights of 13feet, and 360 degree roof deck. ...
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HiBed | Image


Drift off to the future with this smart bed. Hi Interiors have introduced the second generation of their smart bed conceived by the Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella. HiBed is basically a smart personal cocoon that is designed to not only improve sleep but your overall wellbeing. Outfitted with WiFi, an HD projector and even invisible speakers for entertainment, the smart bed is capable of providing ample amusement before sleep or on weekend mornings. Bei...
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Kammok Sunda 2.0 Tent-Hammock | Image

Kammok Sunda 2.0 Tent-Hammock

High-performance outdoor gear maker Kammok has made their popular Sunda tent even better! Notable upgrades over the original include a lightweight and durable re-design, a waterproof bathtub floor, an integrated rainfly and a new pole architecture. It also sets up faster and easier. The Kammok Sunda 2.0 is a freestanding 2-person tent and 1-person all-in-one hammock tent that adapts to any terrain. The innovative backpacking-sized tent lets you pitch on the ground o...
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