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Denizen Remote Office

If you have ever wanted to ditch the commute and work from home but the site of the kitchen table day in day out doesn´t appeal, or you have a hard time separating work and play, you might need a dedicated space where you can go to feel separated from the house and focus on the work at hand. Designed by Denizen, the Remote Office is a single-worker unit with floor-to-ceiling windows and a sleek, contemporary design aesthetic. Designed to minimize distractions working from home, this tiny backyard office lets you control the lighting as well as each window’s privacy glass, and comes with a solid wood sit-stand desk, concealed ports for all peripherals, a 4K 27-inch adjustable display, a 4K Webcam at desk and at the included whiteboard, and audiophile-grade sound quality. There is also integrated storage, cooling and heating, a minifridge, and reading lamp to provide everything you need for a comfortable workday.

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Anza interior
Nomus Glashutte
Floyd Interior
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Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger creates these very cool "Hunting Trophies" made from recycled bicycle parts that can then be used as hanging racks for your bicycle. "Upcycle Fetish" combines old parts like bike saddles and handlebars to create bull head shapes that are both functional and quirky racks. Very creative! via...
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LR2 Residence | Image

LR2 Residence

Located in California, this award-winning house overlooks Pasadena and its adjacent mountains from its perch on the hillside. Idealised by Santa Monica-based architecture practice Montalba Architects, the 4,200 square-foot house is made up of several separate volumes integrated into the downhill slope of the lot, creating open spaces between the structures for integrated planting areas, covered terraces, and dial linear water features for passive cooling. The house ...
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Another unique piece of furniture by Restoration Hardware, the Iron Vault Desk is inspired by the stalwart safes that were a fixture in the 20Th century jewelry shops and factory offices. The desk is made from steel sheet and is fitted with latching doors and heavy-duty industrial metal wheels, and has 3 drawers above 2 cabinets, each with 1 removable shelf. The downside, it weighs a whopping 360lbs. via Also check out our roundup "A Healthier Worksta...
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