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Bert Modular Treehouse

The Bert Modular Treehouse is a playful and imaginative creation designed by Studio Precht in collaboration with Baumbau. Celebrating the spirit of childhood exploration and the merging of architecture with nature, this treehouse is a unique escape. Berts modular system allows for easy customization, providing an adaptable and expandable space. The structure features dark, cozy interiors, with large glass openings offering views of the natural surroundings.

Inspired by the forest, Bert resembles a tree trunk, and the leaf-like shingles on the facade help it blend seamlessly into its natural environment. This treehouse is constructed with a minimal footprint, emphasizing a strong connection to the earth. The 10-year collaboration between Precht and Baumbau aims to create buildings for alternative tourism, offering unique, memorable experiences for adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts. With Bert, they have built an inspiring, curious character that becomes one with the forest, embracing its quirks and encouraging a playful spirit.

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While you never know when disaster may strike, you can always be prepared for it. Bad stuff happens, so be prepared for any possible scenario with these awesome Boltwell Survival Kits and get ready for large catastrophes and small emergencies. Choose from a range of survival kits including, the Earthquake kit, Fire Safety kit, Car kit, Pet kit, or the Foundation kit which includes enough for two to make it through a 72-hour emergency. Learn more from Boltwell, or...
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