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Bert Modular Treehouse

The Bert Modular Treehouse is a playful and imaginative creation designed by Studio Precht in collaboration with Baumbau. Celebrating the spirit of childhood exploration and the merging of architecture with nature, this treehouse is a unique escape. Berts modular system allows for easy customization, providing an adaptable and expandable space. The structure features dark, cozy interiors, with large glass openings offering views of the natural surroundings.

Inspired by the forest, Bert resembles a tree trunk, and the leaf-like shingles on the facade help it blend seamlessly into its natural environment. This treehouse is constructed with a minimal footprint, emphasizing a strong connection to the earth. The 10-year collaboration between Precht and Baumbau aims to create buildings for alternative tourism, offering unique, memorable experiences for adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts. With Bert, they have built an inspiring, curious character that becomes one with the forest, embracing its quirks and encouraging a playful spirit.

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Woodhouse 2.0

We have featured some amazing retreats over the last couple of years, but none as special as this dreamy escape nestled amongst the dense pin oak forests of Long Island, New York. The circular den was envisioned by Marchi Architects, it is distributed over two levels, a ground and basement floor, and is constructed from natural materials such as vertical wood slat cladding and smooth concrete, respecting the essence of the landscape. The unique house is accessed fro...
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SHEL is an ultralight hammock shelter that can simply be pulled over your existing hammock and cinched for a warm nigh´s sleep. Made available for the outdoorsy folks who need a versatile piece of gear, the "Shel” can be used for multiple purposes, use it as a sleeping bag, a tarpaulin, a pad or an underquilt, and even a bug net. This versatile item is small and light when compacted, easily folded and portable (under 20 ounces) to go along with you even on long j...
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Modern Anthology and designer Stephen Kenn have teamed up for a leather version of his popular Inheritance Collection. Stephen Kenn first broke into the design scene back in 2011, with a minimalist furniture collection crafted from welded steel frames, with repurposed vintage military fabrics, and with a stylish stand out feature - a supportive structure created by simply weaving strapping through the frame attached with leather belts. Now Brooklyn-based retailer Mo...
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