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Amazing Residential Complex Singapore | By Safdie Architects

The Bishan Residential Development is the latest creation of the always surprising Moshe Safdie. The Bishan Central will consist of  approximately 500 apartments distributed in two towers of 38 floors spread on 12 thousand square meters. The two condominium buildings are linked by three walkways with gardens, pools and recreational space. This solution allows ventilation and natural light for the living spaces and greater interaction among residents. The apartments will go on sale in the first half of 2012, and the building will be completed in 2015. Watch the video. via Designboom

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
DD16 Floating Cabin | Image

DD16 Floating Cabin

DD16 is a compact modular house designed for installation in tight spaces and extreme conditions. Developed by BIO Architects the small cabin includes a bathroom with a shower, a double bed, a dining table, and an open area where a wooden stove can be installed. The prefabricated house is quickly installed on the site of choice and can easily be transferred from place to place, you can even choose installation in the mountains or on the water using pontoons. The com...
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Whether for the bedroom, office, living room or any other room, the IdeaPaint is undoubtedly a great invention, both decorative and functional. Turn your entire wall into a whiteboard, you can write and erase whenever you want. Simply apply the IdeaPaint CLEAR over your wall paint, and you will have a big dry-erase surface that can be any color. Write in meetings, record ideas, transform any space into a creative place! Watch the video You can get it ...
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We live in a time it seems that everyone wants the latest in technology. This Chalkboard Pad is nice for a change and reminds us of the times when we actually took written notes. It is made from reclaimed wood, reclaimed black leather and chalkboard paint. The old schoolhouse chalk board is great for grocery lists, sketches, messages and plans. There is a hole in the top for hanging. via...
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