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Villa Camp Lantern

The Villa Camp Lantern is a uniquely retro-inspired lighting solution that seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern design. Crafted with precision and featuring 64 CNC machined metal parts, this compact lantern offers a minimalist yet contemporary aesthetic. Controlled by intuitive knobs, the Villa Lantern allows for smooth transitions between bright and soft lighting, as well as a shift from white to warm light to suit various scenes and moods.

Constructed with durability in mind, the lantern is fall-resistant and boasts an IPX5 waterproof rating for versatile use. Its portability is enhanced by a 4000mAh lithium battery, providing 4.5 to 72 hours of lighting. The lantern charges through a USB Type-C terminal, and its remaining power is easily monitored by indicator lights.

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Experienced outdoorsmen will all agree that vertical fires burn better, are hotter, and more controlled. The Vertical Bonfire Builder is designed to optimize your bonfire experience, it provides a convenient frame for stacking your logs and cordwood, while keeping them contained for optimal burning. Its steel construction is rust-resistant and coated, making it suitable for outdoor use. This bonfire builder also includes a top section to hold a variety of cookware, ...
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Adventure Whare Retreat, located in Castle Hill Village, New Zealand, offers a modern twist on the traditional A-frame hut. The design by Studio Well embraces the alpine aesthetic while focusing on practicality and sustainability. The exterior form, inspired by A-Frame huts, offers shelter and privacy, nestled between trees. The roof peels up to reveal timber-framed glazing, connecting the retreat with the native bush reserve. Inside, ...
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Huckberry DIY Survival Tin | Image

Huckberry DIY Survival Tin

Because you will never know what you´ll need in an emergency outdoors, Huckberry have created a compact tin with an insane amount of survival tools. Made from lightweight and sturdy steel, the Survival Tin features a versatile kit that includes a firestarter tool that doubles as an emergency knife/saw, a compact multi-tool that includes butterfly and hex wrenches, ruler, screwdriver tip, bottle opener and cord cutter, plus a pocket-sized cutting tool with finger ho...
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