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Wwoo Concrete Outdoor Kitchen

Netherlands-based WWOO Kitchens have created a sleek summer workspace for grilling masters
around a streamlined design for an open-air kitchen made of concrete that can withstand the elements in striking modern style. WWOO kitchens are built to order, the chosen modular segments present flexibility while the designs can be tailored to your individual wants and needs to fit any backyard patio or garden. Being composed of concrete, the Kitchens can be easily cleaned off with a hose, are low maintenance year-round, and are very durable. There is a variety of possibilities and configurations, plus several accessories to choose from, including a stainless steel sink, a built-in Big Green Egg or other grill, iPad stands, knife blocks, towel bars, and buckets that hang on the side of the WWOO. New accessories are always added as the team is constantly developing solutions to your problems. Available in light or dark grey.

wwoo-concrete-outdoor-kitchen-2.jpg | Image

wwoo-concrete-outdoor-kitchen-3.jpg | Image

wwoo-concrete-outdoor-kitchen-4.jpg | Image

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