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Monopoly Heirloom Edition

Nostalgia abounds in this vintage edition Monopoly game, featuring rustic wood and classic graphics. Hand-crafted from solid wood, the gorgeous Monopoly Heirloom Edition is made to last several lifetimes. The striking foil-stamped Monopoly gameboard is built into the cabinet and includes a framed center area for rolling dice. The classic set also includes a rich walnut cabinet with a drawer that features a built-in bankers tray and room to store game pieces such as the beautiful solid walnut houses and hotels, along with custom-designed money, chance, community chest, and title deed cards.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Febo is a solar wooden engraver that enables you to engrave images of your choice on to a a considerable number of surfaces that you may use as your personal drawing board, you may use it on wood, plywood, leather, cork or cardboard. The engraver works by concentrating sunlight on to a single spot through its powerful glass lens thus producing a high temperature sun ray that will engrave whatever you want. Along with the lens you also get a set of stencils of your c...
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CASA V | Image


The Casa V was designed by Plan B Architects in colaboration with Mazzanti Architects, it´s located near Bogotá in Colombia. The house was designed to enjoy a native garden and a distant view of the wetland. The main feature of the house has to be the outdoor space, with a rooftop garden leading down to another spacious rooftop covered with a beautiful deck floor....
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Hanging prints, photos, or any work of art, is an absolute nightmare, using measuring tapes, creating unnecessary holes, or using spirit levels, is incredibly frustrating experience. Introducing Absolut Hangsmart, the sane way to mount, adjust, and even level any work of art. Simply mount Hangsmart using the included adhesive or screws (depending on the weight of the frame) and then hang your frame onto it by pulling down until it clicks in. Then, the device lets yo...
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