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Kodak Worlds Largest Puzzle

It can be a challenge to fill all the additional time you are spending at home, without becoming a Netflix-streaming zombie. If you are finding it hard to keep entertained, maybe you need a new challenge. How about putting together a good, old-fashioned puzzle? Kodak has unveiled a real challenge, they have just launched the worldīs largest puzzle with a total of 51,300 pieces! Yes, that should be enough to handle the lockdown - and probably the rest of 2020 too. Spanning the entire globe, it features vibrant images from 27 amazing locations around the world such as the Colosseum and the Great Pyramid of Giza, Niagra Falls, Neuschwanstein Castle, and The Hagia Sophia. Meassuring a whopping 28.5 feet by 6.25 feet when finished,  the biggest challenge is where to put the thing.

kodak-worlds-largest-puzzle-2.jpg | Image

kodak-worlds-largest-puzzle-3.jpg | Image

kodak-worlds-largest-puzzle-4.jpg | Image

Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Casa Brutale is a spectacular project by OPA Works, an ambitious concept home that sits inside a cliff above the aegean sea. The minimalist home is composed by three concrete walls that form the main living space, the roof is a crystalline pool made of reinforced glass, that also functions as a massive skylight that floods the interior with natural light. The huge top-to-bottom front glass facade lets in plenty of light and offers dramatic views of the ocean below. ...
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Designed by Caballero Colon Architects, this stunning villa is located in Spainīs beautiful island of Mallorca. Perched on a steep and rocky hillside covered in the local wild vegetation, from which you can enjoy mind-blowing views of Canyamel Bay, the unique house is composed by a sequence of stone platforms that settle multiple volumes built on the abrupt site. Four stacked boxes accommodate the main living spaces and infinity-like windows dilute the limits betwee...
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Mini 3D Car Prints | Image

Mini 3D Car Prints

LNCLN_WRKS is a popular Instagram page where a creative studio displays their love for cars and where they showcase their unique artwork. The creative flow goes back to the designerīs youth when he spent countless hours sketching cars and building LEGOs. He has since traded in pencil, paper and LEGO bricks for monitors and a mouse, to make these awesome cars come to life in miniature. The illustrations of his favorite cars in mini 3D are available for purchase at hi...
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