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Nebia Moen Shower

Silicon Valley shower startup Nebia (with high-profile Silicon Valley backers like Apple CEO Tim Cook) has introduced their most advanced shower yet. Made in collaboration with Moen, the Nebia by Moen showerhead provides double the coverage of a standard showerhead while saving 45 percent more water, according to the brand. This reduces overall water usage and saves you some cash at the same time. The 8-inch diameter showerhead uses air to atomize the water in a proprietary H2Micro technology to deliver a blissful, yet invigorating spa-like shower experience to better clean and hydrate your skin. The shower head is easily installed (no need to call a plumber), and once you are good to go your whole body will be embraced by water, and you will feel more like in a spa experience than just another part of your routine. watch the video below

nebia-by-moen-shower-2.jpg | Image

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Huckberry Interior


Do you love DIY? Getting creative and turning trash into great functional products? All over the world people are creating fantastic and interesting new products using recycled skateboards. We rounded up a great list of original crafty objects to get those creativity juices flowing. Check out some more details and images after the jump....
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The beautiful Casa Deco is a project born from the need to recover an old house located in the historic center of the city of Merida, México. Developed by Taller Mexicano de Arquitectura, the unique home seeks to reinterpret the downtown outdoor lifestyle hence the importance of the backyard, its balconies and terraces. Given its antiquity, several spaces were modified to achieve a better funcioning suited to the present time, always respecting its historical...
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This stunning garage is a petrolheads´ dream come true. Designed by Paulo Martins Architecture studio for a private client in Portugal looking to display a prime collection of automobiles, the beautiful grey structure serves as a garage to show off the cars and motorcycles. The spacious interior is bright an luminous mimicking the sleek interior of a modern art gallery, and diverting all attention to the state of the art automotive engineering. Photos by: Ivo Tav...
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