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Henson AL13 Razor

There are lots of great razors out there, with similar designs. But an overlooked aspect is how precisely they are made. The Henson Razor is designed to present the blade at the optimum shaving angle, with as little blade exposure as possible. The blade is exposed only 0.0013 inches - roughly a third of the thickness of a human hair. That is extremely difficult to manufacture, luckily, the team at Henson have been building parts for aerospace projects like satellites, the ISS and Mars Rover at their plant in Ontario, Canada.

The result is an alarmingly safe shave that eliminates irritation. We have never seen a razor with the accuracy of a safety razor but with the ease-of-use of a multi-blade cartridge razor. The Henson AL13 is ideal for both men and women and available in several colors. Check one out today.

henson-al13-razor-2.jpg | Image

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