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Plain Bodies Prints

Award-winning digital production studio INK have created a stunning series of realistic plain body CGI posters designed to showcase some of the world´s most iconic racing cars in the purist way possible, with no livery or sponsorship. The result is a beautiful CG image of a plain body against an ethereal white background to not overcomplicate the effortlessly simple design. At the moment four cars are available, the classic Dakar Rally Porsche 959, the legendary Ford GT, the classic Jaguar D-Type, and the iconic Porsche 917. Each minimalist poster is printed on high quality paper at A2 size, you can choose a side, front, or rear shot, or get all three and install them side by side as a feature. 

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Tropicfeel Interior
Vinovest interior
Rains Interior
Cariuma Interior
Banner Selfmade Interior
Floyd Interior
HRDL Vinyl Table | Image

HRDL Vinyl Table

The HRDL Vinyl Table is ideal for avid record collectors, an all-in-one solution for vinyl record storage and playback. This vintage audio console was imagined by furniture designer Stian Herdal (HRDL) and allows you to display your turntable and display your favorite albums like the art pieces they are. This provides you with easy access to your favorite records, as well as that wonderful feeling of being able to flick through the favorites of your collection. Ther...
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Up The Wall shelving system can be described as the European Nordic view on a modular way of setting your shelves according to your needs. Made from composite laminate and available in white or black, its neutral shapes and colors are a plus in adding some elements to the walls of your choice. Each set includes a long shelf (74cm) and a small one (60cm), plus the assembly parts. With a depth of 30cm you´ll keep stuff you need around you maintaining your space organ...
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DUB Modular Cabin | Image

DUB Modular Cabin

The DUB Modular Cabin is an affordable and eco-friendly housing solution. The modular construction process allows for houses to be produced in just 6-7 days and installed in 5 days, making them a fast and cost-effective option. DUBs entirely wooden frame and finishing combined with effective insulation and modern equipment create an efficient structure for a comfortable suburban life. With a large amount of glazing, the cabin allows for a spatial connection with the...
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