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Crazy V8 Hotel | Stuttgart Germany

The V8 Hotel in Stuttgart is a car-lover’s heaven, it´s a theme hotel with a design clearly inspired by the car world. The Hotel is located in an auto museum called Böblingen’s Meilenwerk in Stuttgart Germany. The hotel features themed rooms fit for both mechanics and car enthusiasts alike, it has four single rooms, 19 double rooms, tower suite and 10 theme-based rooms designed to impress visitors.

img_v8_hotel_stuttgart_2.jpg | Image

img_v8_hotel_stuttgart_3.jpg | Image

img_v8_hotel_stuttgart_4.jpg | Image

img_v8_hotel_stuttgart_5.jpg | Image

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The current situation dictates that the majority of us stay home. This means a lot of days of home cooking ahead of us, and most of the time we won´t have the patience to cook a full meal. Bowl Stories is for those moments you feel like a quick snack, it is packed with recipes that are easy but sophisticated and will inspire you to cook. Every recipe is to be served in a bowl, a no-nonsense serving vessel that you can carry with you, cradle in one hand,...
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Discover your perfect escape with the Gestalten´s new book. Whether you crave the thrill of towering forests or the soothing rhythm of the ocean, theres an ideal retreat waiting for you. With a collection of remote architectural marvels from around the globe, the Sublime Hideaways book is your ticket to inspiration and adventure. Indulge in the serenity of seaside havens or immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of lush forests. Sublime Hideaways showcases a ...
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Soarigami is a genius way to stop airplane armrest battles for good, a folding device that extends and divides the paltry elbow room of your shared airplane armrest! Simply unfold it, clamp it over an existing armrest, and the device will create two armrests instead of just one to fight over. Ideal for frequent flyers, Soarigami sets out to make armrest sharing an elbow-fighting-free zone. Made of recycled plastic, it folds flat for easy carry when it’s not being ...
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