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Casa De La Flora Resort | Thailand

This is a slice of true heaven on earth, the Casa de la Flora resort was conceived and designed by VaSLab studio of Design and Architecture. It is a spectacular holiday complex made up of small individual luxury villas located on the seafront, they have a small pool, a terrace and a stretch of beach directly attached. It is located in Khao Lak - Thailand, surrounded by tropical rain forest and National Parks.

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PocketDrum is a virtual drumkit that you can take anywhere to learn and play. The portable drumkit provides you with the most realistic drumming experience without the burden of a huge drum set. The Bluetooth enabled sticks connect wirelessly to the AeroBand App so you can jam freely, play along, or learn the basics of drumming. The PocketDrum uses spatial awareness and haptics to make it feel like you’re playing the real thing, you can even play without any noise...
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We should all get out there and enjoy the great outdoors when we have the chance and have a break from technology. Spending time in forests, hiking in mountains, and just being outside can lead to significant health benefits, both mental and physical. The New Outsiders celebrates outdoor creativity, it showcases must-visit locations and unusual experiences from Iceland to Patagonia, making you want to pick up your backpack and step outside to get inspired to live a ...
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Are you ready and willing to digitally detox? Looking for a magical place to escape the stressful city life, and reconnect with nature? There are few things like the joy of treehouses or sitting around the campfire, in this new book Stay Wild, you fall in love with the world again. It showcases new ways to escape, from towering treehouses, compact cabins, houseboats, yurts, and mobile homes that let you cook your meals al fresco whilst the campfire flickers, this bo...
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