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The World Is Your Burger

Burger fans rejoice! This new book is an eye-catching tribute to one of the worlds most popular foods - the humble hamburger. "The World is Your Burger: A Cultural History” celebrates and takes a deep dive into the history of the burger, with an unprecedented collection of essays, photographs, ephemera and recipes. From the burgers humble fast food beginnings to todays gourmet burger craze, the book is full of original research, mouth-watering photography, exclusive interviews with culinary icons, and essays from those who helped popularize it. Assembled by a true burger lover whose passion has taken him around the globe, this hardcover, 400-page book is an essential for any burgerphile.

Available in Europe here

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Sharp is a new book with plenty of information for anyone interested in knives. It is filled with gorgeous shots of beautiful knifes plus tips, techniques, and recipes from various luminous San Francisco chefs. The book also includes details on knife sharpening and skills along with step-by-step instructions of techniques in the kitchen. Sharply packaged with a textured cover and a foil spine, this makes for a great gift for anyone wanting to hone their skills in th...
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Mighty returns with a redesigned version of their offline Spotify player. The little device that plays your Spotify music on-the-go without a phone has been upgraded with a bigger battery and more reliable Bluetooth. Dubbed the "iPod shuffle for Spotify”, the Mighty Vibe has enough built-in storage for more than 1000 songs, and once they are loaded up you no longer need data connectivity to run it, so users could leave their phones behind on a run or during a workou...
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Treehouse Point is a special and alternative retreat owned by Pete and Judy Nelson. Pete is a world renowned tree house builder and author, he has built the five amazing tree houses offered for accommodation, his wife Judy is an accomplished chef and hostess making sure you have a unique stay at this magical place. Check out their website for more information. ...
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