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The Wild Game Cookbook

The Wild Game Cookbook is a recipe book for aspiring cooks, avid hunters, and gourmets who like cooking with wild game. Enjoyable recipes for anything from fine dining to simple dishes can help you rediscover this healthy, sustainable, and adaptable meat.
Join two friends (chef Mikael Einarsson and hunter Hubbe Lemon) to learn about these natural food sources and how this strategy could assist rebalance wooded regions as you gain knowledge about the handling and preparation of game.

Your cuisine will be not only delicious but also nutritious and sustainable thanks to the emphasis on organic meat. You should always have this cookbook handy after a hunting excursion. via

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Rivsalt is a gastronomic experience and a new way of adding salt to food. Unlike traditional salt-grinders that use already pulverized pieces of salt, the Rivsalt Salt Grinder allows you to work a whole block of pink Himalayan Salt. Perfectly shaped himalayan salt crystals are grated with the functional, yet beautiful, stainless steel grater. A natural oak wood board serves as a great stand to the Japanese grater. This set has been designed so that the natural Himal...
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Binging with Babish is a popular YouTube cooking channel created by American filmmaker Andrew Rea which recreates recipes featured in film, television, and video games. The official Binging with Babish Cookbook covers all of the fan favorites with more than three months of recipes recreated from your favorite movie and TV shows ranging from Big Night to Forrest Gump and Seinfeld. Besides 100 recipes, the book comes complete with behind-the-scenes stories and ne...
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Cascade 3-in-1 Camp Stove

Coleman has introduced a a camp stove that is both classic in design and modern in function. The Cascade 3-in-1 Camping Stove makes it easy to cook great meals outdoors, it features a functional briefcase-style design and a recessed carry handle that makes the stove easily portable. The removable cast-iron grill and griddle accessories help you cook up a variety of seriously good food, and two wind guards help shield burner and flame from wind. ...
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