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The Story of G-Shock

In a world where watches were once considered delicate instruments, G-SHOCK emerged as a game-changer, defying fragility and introducing a new era of rugged timepieces. Authored by Ariel Adams, this book celebrates the remarkable story of G-SHOCK, a watch that has not only redefined functionality but has also become a symbol of style, endurance, and global influence over the last four decades. The visionary mind behind G-SHOCK was Kikuo Ibe, a young engineer with a dream to create a watch that could survive even the harshest of impacts. Formed in 1981, Project Team Tough embarked on a relentless journey to fulfill this vision, resulting in over 200 prototypes and the birth of the shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch.

Through the pages of this captivating volume, readers will traverse the evolution and ethos of this iconic timepiece. The marriage of form and function, combined with unwavering innovation, has elevated G-SHOCK to a revered status. From pro-athletes to military personnel, skateboarders to musicians, G-SHOCK has found a place on the wrists of diverse individuals who embody strength and endurance. Its influence transcends categories, merging seamlessly with sports, design, music, and pop culture. Delving into its history, the book unveils the technological breakthroughs that have made G-SHOCK a phenomenon. With glimpses inside the brands Japanese headquarters, interviews with devoted collectors, and insights into collaborations with renowned figures such as pro-surfer Kanoa Igarashi, musician Kid Cudi, designers Takashi Murakami and Nigo, as well as iconic fashion brands like BAPE, Kith, St�ssy, Maison Margiela, and Supreme, the book paints a vivid picture of G-SHOCKs impact on the global stage.

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