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The Bartenders Manifesto

This guide from a James Beard Award-winning innovator offers a fundamental approach to cocktails and will have you comprehending and making inventive drinks like a pro.

With the help of renowned mixologist Toby Maloney and the crew from The Violet Hour, The Bartenders Manifesto will make you go on a wild romp through the fundamental steps of creating cocktails and discover the hows and whys of serving alcohol.

Those who adhere to the recommendations in this guide will have the technical groundwork and self-assurance to advance their cocktail skills and create a drink from any available ingredients, just like chefs who can glance into their pantry and whip up dinner on the spot, without a recipe.

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Best Barn-Find Collector Car Tales

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Terra Kaffe TK-02 Espresso Machine

The beautifully designed Terra Kaffe TK-02 is a "ultra automated bean-to-cup espresso machine" that can produce a latte macchiato on demand in addition to an espresso shot that is precisely calculated. The sleek device, created by industrial designers Ammunition Group, includes a touchscreen with customizable controls for measuring, grinding, heating, and brewing beans as well as a milk-frothing knob to achieve the ideal frappe flavor. The cube-shaped device is made...
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Looking for a luxurious escape thats both secluded and stunning? Look no further than Casa Santa Teresa in Corsica. This beautifully renovated midcentury holiday home boasts a prime spot on Ajaccios shorefront, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind in style. Amelia Tavella Architects brought Casa Santa Teresa back to life with a top-to-toe renovation that revitalized its 1950s bones. The island holiday home was once dilapidated and aban...
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