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Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story

Bono, the lead singer of the Irish rock band U2, is also an artist and an activist. He has written a memoir titled Surrender, which is both candid and irreverent, personal and profound. It tells the tale of the extraordinary life he has led, the difficulties he has faced, and the friends and family who have helped to mold and sustain him.

Bonos work has received a great deal of attention because he is one of the most recognizable musicians and the cofounder of the charities ONE and (RED). Now, for the first time, Bono picks up the pen in Surrender and writes about his incredible life and the people he has shared it with. From his early years growing up in Dublin, where he experienced the unexpected death of his mother when he was fourteen, to U2s unlikely rise to become one of the most influential rock bands in history, to his more than twenty years of activism devoted to the fight against AIDS and extreme poverty, Bono tells his story in his distinctive voice.

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G. T. Karber, the mind behind the widely popular online daily mystery game Murdle, introduces a captivating collection of 100 original murder mystery logic puzzles. Ideal for enthusiasts of brain-teasing puzzles and armchair detectives, this compilation serves as the perfect gift to sharpen your deductive skills and engage in solving a myriad of crimes. Delve into the clues, conduct witness interviews, and apply deductive reasoning ...
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Coca-Cola Signature Mixers

Coca-Cola have presented a new series of "Signature Mixers" aimed at the premium spirits market. The world´ss most famous soft drink has a long history of being used in cocktails, think Jack and Coke, Rum and Coke, and so on. The brand enlisted some of the world´s most influential and innovative bartenders to create four new crafted Signature Mixers sold in a modern take on the Hutchinson glass bottle. Specifically designed to be paired with premium dark spirits, ...
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ROAM Adventure Co. first caught our attention with their line of heavy duty storage cases that protect your gear and dry goods on the road or at base camp. Now the brand has given the rugged treatment to this cooler. Built with a weather-tight seal and premium materials to yield 8-day ice retention, the Roam Rugged Cooler is exactly what you need when you are hitting the road. With a 20 qt capacity that holds up to 18 cans with ice, the robust cooler also features a...
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