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Dronescapes is a new book by Thames & Hudson, beautifully illustrated with stunning and unique drone images that offer an unexpected look at humanity from above. Created in collaboration with the world’s leading drone photography website, Dronestagram, the book brings together 250 of the very best photographs taken by quadcopters around the globe, showing the eye-popping potential in the burgeoning art-form. A spectacular bird’s eye view of iconic images you can only capture with a drone platform.

Available in Europe here

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Tropicfeel Interior
Carol Bike Interior
XWerks Interior
Vindome Interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Wellen Interior
London Sock Interior
Oxford Hill interior


In this day and age, if you live in a fast pace city, you´ll know how difficult it is to get home from a hectic workday and have to cook dinner. A new service called Chefday conveniently delivers all of the necessary ingredients for making your chef-caliber meal for the day, in the comfort of your own home. You can choose from several healthy meals designed by the finest Chefs in NYC and receive all the 100% organic ingredients delivered to your door(free deliverie...
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Braun: Designed to Keep | Image

Braun: Designed to Keep

Braun, a brand synonymous with enduring design, has made an indelible mark on our lives since 1921. Their commitment to simplicity, utility, and beauty is encapsulated in every creation, designed to stand the test of time. In the world of design, few rivals can match the products shaped by visionaries like Dieter Rams.  The book, "Braun: Designed to Keep," paints a vivid picture of Braun's evolution over time, with a focus on its core values: simpl...
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Pro-Ject Automat A2 Turntable | Image

Pro-Ject Automat A2 Turntable

Pro-Ject Audio has introduced the Automat A2, the latest iteration of its automatic turntable series. The mechanical configuration of the A2 allows you to choose designated positions for different record dimensions and playback speeds. With a single button press, the tonearm moves to the lead-in groove, then returns and powers off after playback. The sub-chassis design reduces noise and interference. This unique approach maintains convenience without compromising so...
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