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Cooking On Fire

Cooking on an open fire is a time-honored culinary tradition that is both primal and delightful. This cookbook unveils a treasure trove of diverse recipes and invaluable tips. Cooking on Fire is your guide to a world of delicious fire-cooked dishes, ranging from quick and easy to more intricate creations. Learn the art of building and lighting campfires, explore various campfire cooking techniques, and discover essential equipment (if needed).

Within these pages, you will find beloved classics like Chilli Con Carne and roasted chestnuts, as well as culinary challenges that reward your time and effort. The ultimate goal of this book is to grant you the freedom to sit by the fire, gaze into the flames, and unwind, all while savoring the incredible food you have prepared. Open-fire cooking isnt just about sustenance; it is an immersive experience waiting to be explored by everyone.

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CouchCoaster is proof that the best ideas are still the simple ones. This is the ultimate drink holder for your sofa, it securely holds your favorite beverage next to you, just where you always wanted it, no more spilt drinks or the pain of having to reach over for it. Simply place the CouchCoaster over your sofa arm (the flexible silicone body fits on different shapes and sizes) and place the drink you’re slurping from in the holder (suitable for mugs, tumblers, ...
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PlansMatter is the Airbnb for fans of great architecture. This new app/service offers a choice of homes available to rent, but unlike its famous predecessor, all the listings are stunning works of art. The site lists several modern rental houses designed by respected architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Olson Kundig, Christian Muller, and many more. The goal is to make these places easily available for architecture nerds to experience on their own. The site also b...
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Eat your oriental food in style with these stylish and functional chopsticks. Designed by Stig Ahlstrom for Swedish Design House, the "Pick-up" are both serving tongs and chopsticks. The utensil is made from Bamboo and stainless steel and can be used throughout the kitchen for cooking, eating and serving. source...
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