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1000 Books To Read Before You Die

When it comes to your brain, researchers have found there is no better superfood than a book. Celebrate the pleasure of reading and the thrill of discovering new titles in this new book the Washington Post is calling "the ultimate literary bucket list". 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die: A Life-Changing List, ranges across cultures and through time to offer an eclectic collection of works that each deserve to come with the recommendation. A life-changing list for a lifetime of reading.

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Sharp is a new book with plenty of information for anyone interested in knives. It is filled with gorgeous shots of beautiful knifes plus tips, techniques, and recipes from various luminous San Francisco chefs. The book also includes details on knife sharpening and skills along with step-by-step instructions of techniques in the kitchen. Sharply packaged with a textured cover and a foil spine, this makes for a great gift for anyone wanting to hone their skills in th...
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Sous vide cooking sounds like something only culinary geeks would do, well now you can easily do it yourself with Joule, the simplest way to cook sous vide at home. It maintains the temperature precisely, so your food cooks exactly how you want it, every time, resulting in perfectly cooked meats. Simply place the device in a pot with some water, and use the app to preheat it to the perfect temperature. Then put your food and some seasoning in a plastic bag and ...
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Japanese food lovers rejoice. Matt Abergel of Yardbird launches Chicken and Charcoal, his first cookbook that delves into the restaurantīs journey from humble beginnings to the culinary phenomenon it is today. The chef puts the spotlight on Yakitori, the time-honoured Japanese cooking technique in which chicken skewers are grilled over binchotan charcoal and enjoyed with an ice cold beer, sake or cocktail. The book reveals the magic behind the restaurant...
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