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Transparent Turntable

Award-winning Swedish audio brand Transparent ventures into uncharted territory with its inaugural audio component, the Transparent Turntable. As vinyl enjoys a resurgence, Transparent combines its precision engineering with sleek aesthetics to create a turntable that complements modern interiors.

The Transparent Turntable adheres to the company's principles of simplicity and repairability with its modular design, mirroring the approach applied to its renowned speakers. This belt-driven marvel boasts an aluminum and tempered glass construction, exemplifying its contemporary design.

The turntable maintains consistent speed at 33 and 45 rpm and features an auto-stop mechanism to protect the stylus. Equipped with an Ortofon OM 5e MM cartridge, it delivers superior audio quality. You can seamlessly connect the Transparent Turntable to your audio system with its built-in phono preamp or wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0.

An exciting aspect of this turntable is its modular architecture, facilitating easy component replacement and prolonging its operational life to reduce electronic waste.

The Transparent Turntable is available now for $1,300, making it an attractive choice for both audiophiles and design enthusiasts. 

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