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Osmose Synthesizer

Expressive E and Haken Audio have collaborated to produce the Osmose, a polyphonic synthesizer with advanced gesture control technology. The instrument boasts 49 gesture-sensitive keys and over 500 presets with custom macros. The Augmented Keyboard Action (A.K.A) technology makes every gesture intuitive and sensitive, like playing an acoustic instrument.

The Osmose has a deep, modular digital sound engine and new MPE gesture technology, enabling musicians to control sound in new ways, such as pressing, bending, shaking, and more. It also functions as a controller for hardware and software synthesizers, making it a versatile tool for musicians, producers, and sound designers.

The instrument combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to provide musicians with unique expressive possibilities. Developed over a decade of research and development, the Osmose opens up new possibilities for musical expression and sound design. Watch the video below

osmose-synthesizer-2.jpg | Image

osmose-synthesizer-3.jpg | Image

osmose-synthesizer-4.jpg | Image

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A good trick to lighten your load and lighten up your campsite is by packing items that can do more than one job. The ingenious Hydrolight Reservoir is a hydration sleeve that doubles as, yes, a camp lantern. The clever solution is perfect for those looking for a substantial way to illuminate their campsite, without having to carry the extra weight of a lantern. In addition to two liters of water storage, Hydrolight allows you to plug in your favorite headlamp into ...
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Reset and rejuvenate at the Clark Farm Silos, a set of five unassuming grain bins with a modern, luxurious twist. Located in northwestern Montana, the unique metal structures feature a rustic-modern-camping chic interior decor, with exposed beams, mid-century furnishings, and are equipped with fully functional kitchenettes and private amenities, such as a cozy patio and fire pit with ample seating,  plus a private bathroom and spacious loft bedroom with gorgeou...
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The Skotti Grill has just been granted a design award by red-dot, as a well designed and easy to use piece, practical and portable. This German made portable gas grill is collapsible and at just 3kg, it is easy to carry around on a backpack, which provides the possibility of getting a great grilled hot meal almost anywhere. Made from high grade stainless steel it can be mounted and disassembled with no tools in a jiffy, making it the ideal partner for bikers, camper...
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