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Brian Eno Turntable II

Brian Eno, the legendary musician and producer, presents the Brian Eno Turntable II - a mesmerizing fusion of sound and visual artistry. In collaboration with London's Paul Stolper gallery, this limited 150-unit run features an exquisite circular acrylic turntable with integral LEDs, illuminating the device in a customizable array of colors synchronized with the music. Each unit is adorned with Brian's signature and engraved edition number on the base.

Crafted with precision, the turntable boasts a one-piece resin body enveloped in frosted acrylic, a cast acrylic platter spinning at 33 and 45 rpm, a white 8.6-inch Pro-Ject aluminum tonearm with a white Ortofon 2M cartridge, and a control board with Arduino brains. With a diameter of 45 cm and standing at 15 cm tall, including the feet, the Brian Eno Turntable II is a captivating audio-visual masterpiece that includes a 15-V DC power supply.

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Miami based architecture studio Oppenheim Architecture has unveiled the stunning design for a new mountain resort embedded into the mountains of Saudi Arabia. The unique Desert Rock Hotel is inspired by the surrounding environment, and is fully integrated into the rocky surroundings, preserving the striking silhouette of the natural landscape. The philosophy behind the design is to build with the land, not on the land. A range of accommodation options will be availa...
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