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Brian Eno Turntable II

Brian Eno, the legendary musician and producer, presents the Brian Eno Turntable II - a mesmerizing fusion of sound and visual artistry. In collaboration with London's Paul Stolper gallery, this limited 150-unit run features an exquisite circular acrylic turntable with integral LEDs, illuminating the device in a customizable array of colors synchronized with the music. Each unit is adorned with Brian's signature and engraved edition number on the base.

Crafted with precision, the turntable boasts a one-piece resin body enveloped in frosted acrylic, a cast acrylic platter spinning at 33 and 45 rpm, a white 8.6-inch Pro-Ject aluminum tonearm with a white Ortofon 2M cartridge, and a control board with Arduino brains. With a diameter of 45 cm and standing at 15 cm tall, including the feet, the Brian Eno Turntable II is a captivating audio-visual masterpiece that includes a 15-V DC power supply.

new-brian-eno-turntable-2-2.jpeg | Image

new-brian-eno-turntable-2-3.jpeg | Image

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