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Snow Peak Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet

The Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet by Snow Peak stands out as a multifaceted cast iron cooking utensil. This skillet offers dual sides that can be interlocked to craft a sandwich press or detached for individual use. Each side comes equipped with a detachable handle, providing flexibility for independent or combined usage.

On one side of the skillet, prominent ridges enable searing with distinctive grill marks, elevating the food above any drippings. Conversely, the other side boasts a sleek surface, perfect for capitalizing on the non-stick attributes inherent to cast iron. This versatile skillet adapts to various cooking needs, allowing you to explore diverse culinary techniques with ease.

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A couple of weeks ago we featured the amazing best seller book by award-winning photographer Seth Casteel "Underwater Dogs". A book filled with unique and exhilarating photographs of dogs underwater in pursuit of a ball. "Dogs Gods" by multi-award-winning photographer Tim Flach (author of the critically acclaimed Equus), is also an exquisite study of "manĀ“s best friend" and delivers an appealing and exciting photographic tribute to one of our closest companions. ...
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The Wandawega Lake Resort aka Camp Wandawega is a peaceful, lakeside, wooded retreat that sits on 25 hidden acres. The resort is secluded on a wonderful, quiet lake with abundant wildlife, you can stay at the charming 3 bedroom lakefront cottage, a two bedroom cabin, a one bedroom cabin or the vintage Boyscout camp site. Guests have access to all that Camp Wandawega has to offer, from a private beach, a private fishing pier, canoes, rowboats, trails, volleyball, bas...
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Best Barn-Find Collector Car Tales

Tom Cotter is the best-known barn-find collector-car expert working today. Cotter has spent much of his life digging in barns and garages in search of buried automotive treasure, his amazing finds have led to a popular Youtube video series called Barn Find Hunter. In this new book, Cotter brings to light the most amazing, outrageous, and unexpected finds he and his barn-finding brethren have discovered, including a $4M Barn find that includes a Ferrari 2...
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