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Snow Peak Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet

The Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet by Snow Peak stands out as a multifaceted cast iron cooking utensil. This skillet offers dual sides that can be interlocked to craft a sandwich press or detached for individual use. Each side comes equipped with a detachable handle, providing flexibility for independent or combined usage.

On one side of the skillet, prominent ridges enable searing with distinctive grill marks, elevating the food above any drippings. Conversely, the other side boasts a sleek surface, perfect for capitalizing on the non-stick attributes inherent to cast iron. This versatile skillet adapts to various cooking needs, allowing you to explore diverse culinary techniques with ease.

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The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees | Image

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees is a tale of craftsmanship for nature lovers, and about the joy of making things in wood. The fascinating read tells the story of how one individual (Rob Penn) cut down a single ash tree to see how many things could be crafted from it. In the book, Rob talks about the therapeutic value of working with wood, the joy of making things in wood, of its touch and smell, its many uses, and the resonant, calming effect of running our han...
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Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven | Image

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

Solo Stove are makers of some of the best fire pits on the market, but for their latest release they have applied their expertise to a portable pizza oven that can produce restaurant-quality pies from just about anywhere on the planet. The cylindrical stainless steel Pi Pizza Oven is powered with either propane or wood, and it uses the same smoke-free engineering that has made their camp stoves and fire pits wildly popular. Ceramic insulation keeps the heat inside a...
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After two years of research and development, Fellow introduces the second generation of its popular Ode Brew Grinder, which offers a more precise grind. The grinder now features Gen 2 Brew Burrs for a finer grind, providing a wider range of grind sizes for the majority of coffee varieties (except espresso). Additionally, it features a larger 100 gram catch cup, a redesigned load bin for smoother bean feeding, and anti-static technology for less mess....
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