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Ortwo Pepper Mill

The ingenious Ortwo Pepper Mill is now available for those who wish to take their seasoning to another level. Designed as an ultra effective and cool looking mill that you may use with a single hand for comfort and precision or with both hands should you need a more generous amount or a quicker seasoning. With a proprietary design that enhances grinding surface and a material that is wear and tear proof (95% Alumina Ceramica), this mill will look good, season properly and outlast you and your cooking long enough to be passed on to the next generation. It can be easily refilled, just unscrew the glass deposit that also enables you to see what you’re milling plus it also features a crumb-catching lip to make sure you won’t make a mess when using it.

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Inspired by Mid-Century modern design, Spark Grill is a stylish and convenient charcoal grill. The highly ambitious cooking appliance is designed for people who are intimidated by grilling, and is perfect for all of your backyard barbecues and pizza nights. All you need is the Spark app on your phone. The app lets you know when the grill is up to temperature and checks on food probes to know when things are done cooking. And to make things even simpler, the Spark On...
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Teenage Engineering TX-6 | Image

Teenage Engineering TX-6

Developed by Teenage Engineering in Stockholm, Sweden, the TX-6 is a new handheld, battery-powered mixer, and it’s a beauty. The tiny TX-6 is a synthesizer, drum sequencer, and USB-C audio interface, and lets you mix together sound from six stereo inputs and output them to a computer, speaker, or both. The ultra-portable, battery-powered mixer and multi-channel audio interface is housed in a Braun-like CNC-machined aluminum case, and features a 6 channel stereo mi...
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The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science is a New York Times bestseller, it´s the ultimate book for nerds that cook. Ever wondered how to pan-fry a steak with a charred crust that´s perfectly medium-rare? How to make perfect homemade mac ´n´ cheese? or maybe how to roast a succulent, moist turkey? The book features hundreds of easy-to-make recipes, and focuses on the science behind beloved American dishes, delving into the interactions between heat, ene...
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