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Finex Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a new add-on to Finex’s portfolio of cast iron cookers. Being a FINEX product, all of its regular features are there such as the high quality of the piece which you may verify by the sheer weight of it: over 16 pounds! This ensures a really sturdy item along with an even cooking throughout its surface and interior. The metal also comes pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil so it’s ready to use and on every surface you want to: induction, gas, electric or straight over barbecue coal. Another cool feature is its octagonal shape that makes pouring the sauce an easier task or even using a spatula a breeze. You also get spring shaped handles that provide fast cooling so you won´t get burned handling it, a perfectly sealing lid that ensures moisture and heat are kept within, plus the American made seal of quality is assured with this piece.

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Taylor Stitch
Lokal A-Frame Boutique Cabin | Image

Lokal A-Frame Boutique Cabin

Lokal Hotel is a place to stay inspired by how the owners like to travel – like a local.  There’s no front desk and there is "Invisible Service”, which enables guests to visit with just the right amount of interaction from staff.  The Lokal A-Frame is definitely an extension of that, it is their first boutique vacation home available for rent since opening their first Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia in early 2017. The stunning A-Frame cabin is located on 2.5 q...
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If you are planning for a vacation on an island and you are filthy rich, then Musha Cay  is the location for you. This amazing retreat that features four islands in southern Bahamas is owned by magician David Copperfield the island is said to be out of this earth with breathtaking beauty. The resort is spread on more than 150 acres , has a 10,000 square foot private Manor house situated on the crest of the hill and equipped with luxurious amenities. The resort´...
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Mobot Bottle combines two important features for the workout fans: a foam roller and a water bottle. The foam covers the super strong stainless steel water bottle while giving you the opportunity to jam out some more creative exercises using it. Mobot is especially effective after the workout itself as it loosens your strained muscles and helps them to relax, it also provides some extra insulation to the liquid of your choice, keeping it cold a little longer. Availa...
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