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Upcycled WWII Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

This Upcycled WWII Jerry Can Bar Cabinet from Danish Fuel is a unique piece of art and history. Crafted from authentic WWII-era jerry cans, this bar cabinet ensures each piece carries a slice of history, not just a reproduction. Originally designed in 1937 and widely used by 1939, these jerry cans played a crucial role in the war. Now, they have been meticulously restored and repurposed into stylish bar cabinets.

Featuring beautiful wood paneling and a mirrored back, this cabinet adds sophistication to its rugged exterior. The fully locking door keeps your bottles secure while maintaining the iconic jerry can shape, creating an eye-catching illusion. Each cabinet comes with a unique military ID number and certificate from its time in service, adding to its authenticity and charm.

This upcycled cabinet is durable and refined, yet with authentic patinas preserved for effect. The hardwood shelves and mirror backing provide a sophisticated touch, while the locking door with dog tag keys adds security. Made in Denmark, this cabinet is a testament to innovative design and historical preservation.

upcycled-wwii-jerry-can-bar-cabinet-2.jpg | Image

upcycled-wwii-jerry-can-bar-cabinet-3.jpg | Image

upcycled-wwii-jerry-can-bar-cabinet-4.jpg | Image

upcycled-wwii-jerry-can-bar-cabinet-5.jpg | Image


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