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Spout Atmospheric Water Generator

Spout is a revolutionary atmospheric water generator that produces up to 2.5 gallons of fresh, pure, alkaline drinking water every day from thin air. With six levels of filtration, the device also serves as an air purifier. Just plug it in and witness water happen, no pipes needed. The pitcher features UV technology to purify the water, keeping it pure outside the machine. The compact device is perfect for homelife or vanlife. Spout Ventures was founded to address the problem of water scarcity due to droughts and climate change. The companys first product is a small, countertop generator that condenses potable water from the humidity in the air around us. It requires no more input than a typical wall plug to operate, and 80% of homes globally are in climates humid enough for the device to work. The launch model sells for $599, and the company estimates consumers will spend an additional $100 a year for filter replacements.

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One for the wine connoisseurs...Ravi, is a clever device that instantly chills your wine from room temperature to its ideal serving temperature. Anyone who enjoys a good glass of wine knows the importance of temperature in the resulting flavor of the wine. With Ravi, wine is chilled instantly, just as it’s being served. Watch the video...
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On the Run has been composed to educate and inspire runners of all experience levels, it shares personal stories, incredible routes and races, interesting facts about running the world, framed in beautiful images. It is written by British long-distance runner and adventurer Nick Butter, who was the first person to ever run a marathon in every country in the world (in just 23 months), and he lets us all participate in pictures and tales of this impressive achievement...
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Niyama is a newly open Resort on the Maldives South Western Atoll of Dhaalu. This hidden paradise is 40 minutes from Male by seaplane and is located on two tropical islands called Embudhufushi and Olhuveli. The Niyama Maldives is a 5 star resort designed in a traditional Maldive style with a modern aspect. It includes an exclusive underwater nightclub, a 24-hour spa and a floating restaurant as well as water sports, diving courses, snorkeling and a 24-hour gym....
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