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Spout Atmospheric Water Generator

Spout is a revolutionary atmospheric water generator that produces up to 2.5 gallons of fresh, pure, alkaline drinking water every day from thin air. With six levels of filtration, the device also serves as an air purifier. Just plug it in and witness water happen, no pipes needed. The pitcher features UV technology to purify the water, keeping it pure outside the machine. The compact device is perfect for homelife or vanlife. Spout Ventures was founded to address the problem of water scarcity due to droughts and climate change. The companys first product is a small, countertop generator that condenses potable water from the humidity in the air around us. It requires no more input than a typical wall plug to operate, and 80% of homes globally are in climates humid enough for the device to work. The launch model sells for $599, and the company estimates consumers will spend an additional $100 a year for filter replacements.

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The creators of the ingenious Corkcicle wine chiller, have presented the Vinnebago, a beautiful insulated bottle that will keep your wine and other cold beverages perfectly chilled for up to 25 hours, and hot beverages for up to 12 hours. The company discovered a huge break-thru in traditional insulation technology, and the Vinnebago is vacuum sealed and triple walled. Available in black, white or silver. Learn more from Corkcicle or purchase now from Ama...
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New must read for all car fanatics, cult TV series Top Gear has just released The Cool 500: The Coolest Cars Ever Made. In the unique bible of motoring worship you´ll find the undisputed coolest rides on the planet, from prewar vintage motors to the supercars of the future. The book is illustrated with stunning Top Gear-style photography and their renowned witty and expert commentary. via You can get it in Europe here...
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Juicero is a beautiful Nespresso-style countertop cold-press juicer. Designed by Yves Behar, the Wi-Fi-enabled home juicer uses farm-fresh fruits and veggies, perfectly chopped and packaged, and delivered straight to your door within days of being picked. The elegant countertop gadget is dubbed as the easiest way to make fresh, organic, cold-pressed juice at home, with the touch of a button. The subscription based service ships pouches filled with raw, organic fruit...
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