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Somabar Robotic Bartender

So you love cocktails, but can´t be bothered to make them, meet your new best friend - Somabar. Making cocktails requires time and preparation, but with Somabar you can make delicious craft cocktails in under five seconds! The countertop device is very simple to use, simply fill the pods with your favorite ingredients, choose  the drink you want from the accompanying app, and thats pretty much it, Somabar does the rest! No more shakers, bar spoons, measuring cups, or recipe books. watch the video

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London Sock Interior
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Aquabot Water Bottle may very well be your thirst´s worse enemy, it´s a unique water bottle because it turns into a pressure one, making it possible to accumulate pressure within and manage the way water is supplied with a variable flow control trigger. You get three options: a mister, a shower gun or streamer. Perfect for hydrating, cleaning, or to have just pure water battle fun, because you can spray it for up to 25 feet! You can choose two different capacities...
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The Toblerone Cookbook presents a charming assortment of 40 imaginative and foolproof recipes that delve into the delectable realm of Toblerone chocolate. Ranging from irresistible Trio Brownies to a speedy Chocolate Mug Cake and a delightful no-bake Rocky Road, this culinary compendium offers a spectrum of inventive methods to relish the iconic triangular chocolate bar. Toblerone, celebrated for its almond and honey-infused chocolate, enjoys global adora...
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Casa Areca is a stunning minimal space nestled in the lush landscape of Areca Palms in Tulum, Mexico. Carefully positioned to preserve existing trees and palms, this vacation home features four en-suite bedrooms on the first floor, allowing for an open ground floor plan. The kitchen, dining, and living areas seamlessly integrate with the outdoors through retractable and pivoting floor-to-ceiling glass doors, offering picturesque views of the pool and private gardens...
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