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Grayl GeoPress Titanium Purifier

Introducing the Grayl GeoPress Titanium Purifier, a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and survivalists. This multifunctional masterpiece is designed for those who seek versatility in their adventures. Crafted from premium CP4 Grade 1 titanium, the GeoPress Ti boasts durability and style. With oversized handles and a wide cooking surface, it serves as a water collector, filter, purifier, drinking vessel, and cookpot – all in one compact bottle. Ideal for hunters, anglers, overlanders, and international travelers, it represents the pinnacle in portable versatility. Experience the convenience of this innovative solution for on-the-go hydration and cooking, ensuring safe drinking water wherever your journey takes you.

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The Ziv Portable Smoker was designed by a couple of brothers that really love smoked food but found out that there was nothing on the market that was portable, easy to use and effective. Its proprietary system allows it to be easily folded and disassembled to carry around in a provided odor-free suitcase, with a reasonable weight of 14lbs. Once you’re at the spot of your choice, you may get it prepped under 3 minutes to start the cooking on any heat source you hav...
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"Recipes For Good Luck" is a new book that illustrates the interesting, unique, and quirky rituals of the famous. This curious compendium celebrates in text, with charming and enjoyable illustrated portraits, the real personalities, creative processes, and curious habits of these influential people, such as well-known authors, artists, athletes, poets, painters, politicians and more....
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Sharp is a new book with plenty of information for anyone interested in knives. It is filled with gorgeous shots of beautiful knifes plus tips, techniques, and recipes from various luminous San Francisco chefs. The book also includes details on knife sharpening and skills along with step-by-step instructions of techniques in the kitchen. Sharply packaged with a textured cover and a foil spine, this makes for a great gift for anyone wanting to hone their skills in th...
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