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Ember Self-Heating Baby Bottle

Say goodbye to boiling, steaming or microwaving to warm milk or formula. Preparing milk or formula has never been easier thanks to the revolutionary Ember Self-Heating Baby Bottle. Now you can easily warm milk or formula to body temperature in just minutes with the simple press of a button. The Ember Baby Bottle System ensures safe and even warming using convection current technology and triple-check safety features. Multiple sensors detect temperature and liquid levels, so every Bottle is warmed precisely and at just the right heat to preserve nutrients while eliminating hotspots. Either tap the Smart Warming Puck or use the Ember Baby app to start a warming cycle remotely from another room, then track each feeding, log weight, and time spent breastfeeding, so you are always on track. You can even get the latest information on feeding, health, and sleep all at your fingertips in the Learn Center of the app. watch the video below

Grab one directly from Ember, or from Amazon

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ember-self-heating-baby-bottle-3.jpeg | Image

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