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Weekend Bags

When the occasion calls for light packing, you will need a compact, practical bag that can fit all your essentials and be easily carried. We have rounded up some of our favorite bags(to fit every budget) for a weekend getaway. More details and photos after the jump.

1.  Civvy Kit Bag (Black) | by Goruck, $175 | BUY
2. Mats Boston Bag LARGE, by Property Of  $225 More Details | BUY
3. Nomadic Pack, by VSTR $395 More Details | BUY
4. Weekender bag | by Killspencer, $475 More Details | BUY
5. Handstitched Leather overnight bag, $1,099 | BUY
6. Monolith Duffel Bag, by Heimplanet $189 More Details | BUY
7. BAD Duffel Bag, $104 | BUY
8. Leather Duffle Bag | by Lotuff $965 | BUY
9. Duffaluffagus Bag | by Poler, $80 More Details | BUY

weekend-bags-2.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-3.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-4.jpg | Image

weekend-bags-5.jpg | Image

G-RO Carry-On Bag | Image

G-RO Carry-On Bag

G-RO is a carry-on bag that’s had some thought put into it, each point and feature has been the object of great optimization effort. So instead of two small wheels you usually get, the creators ended up choosing two large axle-less wheels, this way you get a lighter feel because the effort axis is closer to those of the wheels, the larger diameter lets you easily go through any terrain or even stairs effortlessly. You also get 4 extra strong yet smoothly operated YK...
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Finisterre, are a clothing brand that are committed to designing innovative products for cold water surfers around the world. They have presented their new Autumn collection which includes this classic Halitus Bomber Jacket, a stylish, functional everyday item, made with smart dry-touch matt fabric, a water repellent finish, and insulated with a lightweight recycled fill. The perfect option for Autumn when you’re never quite sure what the weather’s going to be like....
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Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver | Image

Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver

Presented at this year´s Baselworld watch fair, the new Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver is a solar-powered dive watch with an extreme depth rating of 1,000M! Citizen also makes the claim that it is the most water-resistant dive watch that is light powered, allowing it to go deep within the ocean where no natural light exists to power the movement. This is one serious and rugged watch, it is fitted with a locking system for the bezel, and Citizens usual, year-lo...
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