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Siberian Tiger Adventure Vehicle

The tiger is a universal symbol of strength, agility, and power, Tiger Adventure Vehicles build true off-road beasts with these characteristics. The Siberian is the largest and most powerful of their models, it is built to explore and dominate the most rugged of environments in any season. Available on either the Ford F550 or Ram 5500 chassis, the Siberian features a tough exterior equipped to handle all types of weather conditions and tough terrain, but the interior is warm and inviting. It features a luxurious and spacious layout with a fully equipped kitchen, a dry bath, porcelain toilet, an entertainment system, bamboo flooring and furniture, and recessed LED lighting. The sleeping quarters feature a king size bed with built-in memory foam, LED reading lights, a multi-directional flat screen television and an overhead skylight for drifting off to sleep under the stars. It comes standard with 900-amp hours of maintenance-free AGM batteries and 600-watts of solar power,  offering the freedom to explore and enjoy an unparalleled overland lifestyle.

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RocketSkates are retro, "back to the future" style, motorized roller skates that you strap over your shoes and ride at speeds up to 12mph! The smart electric skates are remote-free, simply lean forward to accelerate and tilt back on your heal to slow down. Three models are available to choose from, with different battery packs and range distances. The included app lets you check the RocketSkates status such as battery life, distance traveled, route tra...
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The Sportsman Flyer Company started not as a business, but as a hobby. Pat Dolan has built and collected cars and bicycles for years and has always wanted to add a motorized bicycle to his collection. He decided to build one, so he developed a series of vintage style parts not available any else. Here we feature one of his creations, the stunning the Racer Model....
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Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat | Image

Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat

The new Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat will provide hours of entertainment out on the water. The 20ft long boat features a funky new hull design and is powered by three GM-sourced Ilmor V8 engines, which give it plenty of power to blast wakes, roll waves, tumble tubes and pull planks. It also features the award winning Gen 2 Surf System that ensures perfect ski wakes, clean raspy wakes, and massive surf. Spacious front and back decks provide room for up to 11 people alo...
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