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Snowboard Tool | By Leatherman

Renowned American multi-tools manufacturer Leatherman have teamed up with Signal Snowboards to create the ultimate snowboard tool. The handy Leatherman Style PS Multitool is an innovative all-in-one tool designed to make life easier on the slopes. Crank on a binding, tune your board, scrape your wax, or open a beer. Full list of tools included below...

Tools Included:   
Machined-Wax Scraping Edge
#3 Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
Lace Assist
10 mm Wrench
Spring-action Needle-nose Pliers
Spring-action Regular Pliers
Spring-action Wire Cutters
Carabiner/Bottle Opener
Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
Edge Deburrer/Nail File
Glass-filled Nylon Handle Scale
Headphone Storage

leatherman-snowboard-tool-2.jpg | Image

leatherman-snowboard-tool-3.jpg | Image

leatherman-snowboard-tool-4.jpg | Image

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