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ioSafe Solo G3

Never lose your memories, media, and documents again! Meet the safest, most advanced, fireproof and waterproof external hard drive in the world, the ioSafe Solo G3. Combining an array of proprietary technology, the Solo G3 delivers unparalleled protection for your digital life and is able to withstand any unforeseeable tragedy and still give you access to your most important items. The heavy duty hard drive is strong and silent and rated to protect data from temperatures of up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit and withstand full immersion in 10 feet of water for three days. There’s also a cable lock mount to make sure it won´t go anywhere. Available in 2TB, 3TB and 4TB.

Available in Europe here

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Gone on my Catwalk is a new app by Helly Hansen that inspires and motivates people to get outdoors, whatever the weather. The beautifully designed app rewards users with their cool gear and other prizes, they have hidden virtual Helly Hansen gear in popular training areas all around the world, if you stumble across one they’ll let you know, so you can claim it. The app also rewards users in several contests including the amount of time you’ve spent on outdoor activi...
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iPhone 7 Alt Case | Image

iPhone 7 Alt Case

The popular Alt minimal iPhone case is now available for the iPhone 7. The Alt Case is a great way to enhance your iPhone while protecting it. It´s a protecting case that´s also a mounting system which enables you to put it on a metal surface or your car, with the wall or car mount, turning it into a hands-free solution, through the use of a magnet. Its outer shell made from high strength Polymer has an inner cushion to absorb impacts and its X-shaped frame distribu...
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Dreamer is an all-in-one alarm clock, charging dock, sleep machine, stereo, speakerphone, and smart notification manager! The sleek device features a 10w speaker and real buttons to control your phone: volume, brightness, snooze, music playback. Dreamer lets you tweak every detail, the brightness, sound, fonts, you can even set as many alarms as you wish, activate a do-not-disturb mode that intelligently blocks less important calls, or set the lullaby mode and drift...
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