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Lego Architecture Skyline Collection

The new Lego Architecture Skyline Collection might just awake the creative talent and building imagination we all have within us, by allowing you to emulate some of the worldīs most famous skyscrapers and urban sights such as New York, Berlin or Venice. Rebuild the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, St. Markīs Campanile or the Reichstag Victory Column. With the usual top-notch quality and a slightly different type of building blocks, these constructions will not only look good in your childrenīs bedroom but also in your office. Get a fresh view on the worldīs iconic buildings and have fun in the building process with the Lego Architecture Skyline Collection.

Now available from Lego, or from Amazon
Available for purchase in Europe here

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Seems like the latest tech developments are affecting furniture design. The Flatmate Secretary was conceived by Michael Hilgers for Magazin, it is only 5" deep, but when the top is folded out it has a workspace of 28" wide by 16.5" deep. With many using their phones or tablets as computers, this looks like a more than adequate work desk for a small studio or office....
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TEA SUB | Image


This fun little tea infuser may be a good solution to encourage children to drink tea because it is a healthy habit, itīs interesting to use a submarine to give a touch of playfulness and fun. Just put some loose tea inside the Tea Sub compartment, and submerge! Makes a very cool gift....
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Every once in awhile we come across something original and fun for the kids(remember the popular Astronaut diver cover?), we recently found these cool color-in wallpaper by Burgerplex, you can color in the artwork using marker pens, felt tips or paint. A great design idea for any childrenīs room or playroom. Available at Burgerplex online store or at
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