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Dog Homes | By Best Friends Home

How cool are these dog mansions, they are produced by German company "Best Friends Home". The quality and richness of detail is quite amazing. There are four models to choose from, but the houses can also be customized, by sending a project to be followed. Perhaps a replica of the ownerīs house.

img_best_friends_home_dog_homes_2.jpg | Image

img_best_friends_home_dog_homes_3.jpg | Image

img_best_friends_home_dog_homes_4.jpg | Image

img_best_friends_home_dog_homes_5.jpg | Image



Elevate comes from New Zealand, a solution to get a better balance between working sitting down and standing up. Elevate transforms any table or working station that you use sitting down, into a more ergonomically designed standing work post, no more need to bend over your keyboard to see whatīs on your monitorīs screen. Itīs lightweight, portable, with a great design, easy to assemble and disassemble and to define the different height levels you want to put to use,...
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LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape | Image

LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape

How cool is this? A new product is taking crowdfunding website Indiegogo by storm, an ingenious adhesive tape that makes everything lego compatible! The LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape turns virtually any surface into a toy brick building base, build around corners, on curved surfaces, or even onto any wall - the possibilities are endless. The tape is flexible, bendable, shapeable, cuttable, reusable, and features a top side compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks, Kreo and ...
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Noxgear are leaders in developing high visibility gear for running, cycling and the outdoors. If you enjoy taking your fury friend along, the brand have developed the LightHound, a illuminated and reflective dog vest with 360° coverage that keeps your best friend safe during nighttime walks and runs. The waterproof vest fits a variety of different sized breeds, and comes fitted with LED fiber optics so you can customize the colors. It also features a long battery li...
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