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Solo House | By Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects

This house, designed by studio Pezo Von Ellrichshausens Architects, is part of of the Solo Houses project that gives young architects the opportunity to freely build (with the exception of the budget) whatever they want for a holiday home. This series is in the countryside of Matarraņa in the province of Teruel, Spain. via designboom

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StartupVitamins, the same guys behind the Motivational Startup Posters, are adding new products to their growing store, the latest addition are some cool motivational mugs that will keep you focused throughout the day. Our pick is this cool matte black mug with an explicit message "Get Shit Done", a great reminder for staying productive. via...
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LUMIR C | Image


Lumir C is a candle powered LED lamp, it uses no plugs, no batteries, simply one tiny tea light candle. The innovative and beautifully designed lamp uses it a tea light candle as an energy source to power a LED bulb, clever. Shaped like a miniature lighthouse, Lumir C comes in two versions: Mood and Spot, the first can be used as ambient lighting, the second is designed to light up a spot on the room, which can be done by adjusting the direction of the LED. The magi...
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TEA SUB | Image


This fun little tea infuser may be a good solution to encourage children to drink tea because it is a healthy habit, itīs interesting to use a submarine to give a touch of playfulness and fun. Just put some loose tea inside the Tea Sub compartment, and submerge! Makes a very cool gift....
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