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Sky Penthouse | Five Franklin Place

Five Franklin Place, the first major American building by acclaimed Dutch architect  Ben van Berkel of UNStudio, is a celebration of the art of building, the translation  of a daring international vision into a perfect local expression, and proof that the practical and the sublime, the historic and the new, can exist in ideal balance — all in a simply extraordinary place to live.

The triplex penthouses of Five Franklin Place are graced with perfectly proportioned living rooms, floating stairways, and a silent glass cab elevator. These penthouses embody the kind of dramatic but embracing atmosphere one usually associates with the sets of memorable films that paint a fantasy picture of life in New York City. Here, the fantasy takes full form.

Every detail of these residences has been meticulously designed by UNStudio and installed with the expert involvement of B&B Italia.

The panoramic views from the penthouses master bathrooms are unsurpassable and, as throughout the residences, create an environment in which one is truly immersed in the surrounding cityscape.

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