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Lampster Robot Lamp

The Lampster is the coolest lamp ever! A Robo Lamp made out of old tractor and bike headlights. Designed by a young architect and an engineer, the desk lamp has an imposing superhero stance and has two light sources: a clear one, controlled by touch, and an RGB one controlled by an app on your mobile device that lets you change the color or intensity from anywhere in the room. You can even sync it to your music and it will flash to the beat! Measuring 18 inches, it is tall enough to provide light for the entire office, and large enough to be used as a headphone stand. The Lampster is also customizable, you can choose any color or style you want, even add your logo to it. Finally, a lamp with a personality and attitude! watch the video

Learn more from The Lampster, or pre-order now from Kickstarter

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Moon Lunar Globe is an exact 3D replica of the earthīs satellite, especially its surface, made from Imagery and data recovered by Nasaīs Lunar Orbiter that explored the moonīs surface. It features a rotating electrical arm that aims to mimic the sunīs reflection on the lunar surface through its ring of LED lights, thus providing a more moonish light, which some might find more inspiring or soothing. This movement also displays all the lunar phases letting us accurat...
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Just how cool is this? a retractable sauna roughly the size of a bookcase! The new Sauna S1 by Klafs, is the first in the world that can retract at the touch of a button, just like a zoom lens on a camera! There has always been one drawback to private saunas – space , with this in mind the German company developed a completely self-contained, mobile system that can be moved just like a closet, and by simply pressing a button on the front control panel, the Sauna S1 ...
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Hoboroll is a really great name given to a useful item that, we think, might help bring out your inner nomad. Designed by the guys at Gobi Gear, that want us to get out more, and have more fun outdoors, the Hoborollīs smart design features five inner divisions inside, so you can easily separate and locate what youīre looking for, plus a special zip lock pocket on the side. It also has two aluminum quick release sliders that allow you maximum compressibility, to get ...
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