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11 | The Beautiful Game

11 is a luxury football table for discerning lovers of the worlds favourite game. After a full year of careful planning and development it has now gone into limited production.

11´s sweeping curves reflect the beauty and grandeur of todays modern stadiums, while its atmospheric lighting and chromed metal players capture the excitement and drama of a classic sporting encounter. Each individually numbered table is meticulously hand-finished to the very highest standards by skilled European craftsmen.

This award-winning design was first showcased at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2008. After attracting much critical and public acclaim, it has now been developed for limited production.

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RZR Shaving | Image

RZR Shaving

RZR Shaving is a new shaving system brought down to the minimal, and, as with all minimal objects, simple is obligatory, but getting it simple is the hardest. So lots of hard work, testing and thinking was involved in this razor. First of all the look: it looks beautiful, clean, no multiple colors and materials, straightforward metal and that´s it. The blades are made from high grade titanium, so they´ll last for quite a while and keep their cutting capacity much lo...
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Artifox first caught our attention with their beautiful Desk 01, now their creative team have introduced a series of new products including new sitting and standing desks, a desktop accessory, and this elegant bike rack. Built in the USA from quality materials (solid hardwood and powder coated steel), this vertical bike rack is designed to look just as good with or without your most prized possession. Available in a choice of maple or walnut....
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Piamo is dubbed as the world´s smallest coffee machine! The tiny coffee maker can easily deliver a perfect shot of espresso in just 30 seconds, all you need to do is fill the chamber with water, put in an espresso pad or grounds, screw it onto the attached cup, and microwave-it! Voilá, a tasty and ready to drink espresso. via Check out how the Piamo works in the video....
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